23rd July 2018

National Album Day – 13th October

This year the UK will celebrate its first ever National Album Day on the 13th October. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the format, National Album Day will celebrate all aspects of the album – from the music to the sleeve art – and cover new releases and classic recordings in all genres. Paul and Phil are ambassadors for the event, and spoke about some favourite albums from their past.

Paul: The LP format has always been big with me, it’s something I still love listening to and making. I like my albums to be around 40 minutes long (a discipline I still have to learn) it gives the artist enough time to tell a story or conjure a scene while giving the listener a chance to escape from the past and future and spend a little time in the now. ‘City Slab Horror’ by Severed Heads was the first album of theirs I bought and I’ve never stopped playing it. Listening to them taught me that you could make dirty distorted scary haunted beautiful music, all in the same song. Their sense of harmony got to me straight away and in their strange, abstract way they encapsulate the way I feel about the world. A thin-layer of order on top of a mass of organic messy chaos!

Photographer – Killian Hartnoll

Phil: ‘Autobahn’ by Kraftwerk made a huge impression on me. The Electronic frequencies that vibrated from the vinyl inspired me to find out where they came from. It introduced me to the idea of a concept album. A whole album about a motorway? Yes, and they made it work.

Photo by Pete Starling –