8th November 2023

Fan Stories


Attention all ORBITAL fans!

We would LOVE to hear your stories about how ORBITAL has played a significant role in your life. Whether you’ve incorporated our music into your wedding, celebrated the memory of a dear departed friend, or found our tunes to be the soundtrack of your family’s growth(!). We want to know your unique experiences and invite you to share them with us through a brief video or audio clip.

Your video or audio should not exceed 1 minute in length and our goal is to edit as many of these stories into short videos and feature them on our YouTube channel.

By submitting, you give your consent for any of the media to be used online or on any publicity / promotional related media. Basically, whatever you send, we have the freedom to use it online anywhere! 🙂

Please subscribe to the ORBITAL YouTube channel so you are notified of when we upload the compilations of these clips.

DEADLINE FOR PHASE 1 is Saturday 9th December 2023.



The Video or Audio submission should be no longer than 30 seconds and cover these three points in order:-

  1. Who you are (just first name or preferred name or your name from the old LOOPZ forum- please do not use your full name)
  2. Where are you from (country is enough)
  3. What story you would like to share or how orbital influenced you

We don’t mind what film orientation you use but please make sure it’s nicely lit and audio is as clear as possible.



When you have your video or audio ready. You can either place it on your own Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. or you can upload it to

Whatever you choose please send the LINK to the video/audio to the following email address –

Please do not send the actual audio or video via email, as it will be auto deleted.

That is it! You did remember to subscribe to the ORBITAL YouTube channel didn’t you ? 🙂